THIS is how AAA game studios SHOULD behave. Here's to hoping that Bethesda, Bungie, EA, Gearbox, and all the other blatant scammers out there take notes!

SquEnix Offering a Full Demo for Their Next AAA Release

A week into the new year and no new games have completely nuked themselves yet. Maybe the Beyond Scam and Cyberpunk 2077 mindset will stay in 2020 and these companies might start NOT being retarded?

Anyone else here heard of Pokémon ReBurst? It's an official series that never left Japan, unfortunately. Only 13 chapters were ever translated. I wish we had more, since it's super cool. Trainers can combine with their Pokemon in it.

Virizion, Zekrom, and Purrloin fusions for reference:

Just for anyone thinking about buying Beyond Light. Don't. It sucks.

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@Blackjack Ah, makes sense. Will attach it here so others don't have to download this quality content manually.

Just got the basics of our server all set up! Let me know what you guys think and how you like it!


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