He screams back, and rolls intimidation. He got a 70 on a d100. The creature also rolled to resist the intimidation. Nat 1. On a d100.
It just kind of backed up into a corner, whimpering, letting the player rescue the person. A truly glorious moment.

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D&D story time.
So, I was leading one of my players through this spooky, abandoned house, inhabited by a monster that had taken someone and was probably going to eat them.
He gets to the boss room, kicks the door down, and sees this horrible sight; a parasitic creature had taken over a deer corpse, with perfectly straight tentacles grasping on to any surface it could find, including the walls and ceiling. It turns and screeches at him, accompanied by clicks and growls.

Should clarify, they're all player characters. I don't think I could think of this stuff even if I tried.

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The TTRPG I run has some of the strangest characters at times.
We have a plague doctor with multiple personalities who's a self-proclaimed harmacist, a guy who's the dumbest genius on the face of the planet who can talk their way out of any situation (He wears a mask because he thinks it's like hiding in plain sight), and someone with Evil Good alignment. Not Lawful Evil or Chaotic Good, *Evil Good.*
I love it.

You know your entirely homebrew TTRPG system is too complicated when you start needing to take weighted averages of a thing in a certain situation.

To be fair, it's not intended to be a situation that occurs often, it's a custom weapon crafting calculation. And it's not *that* complicated! Just taking the average of the power levels of all the materials used, weighted by amount used, and then adding modifier points to determine the power level of the weapon.

Full respect to IT support guys. I can barely debug my own tech problems, let alone the problems of someone else, even if they have some idea of what they're doing!

Oh it does work! Didn't at first, needed to reload the page for it to display.

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What about YouTube videos? Doesn't seem like the add images/videos button would work with a YouTube link.


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